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Test and Tag Franchise NZ

Take Control: Be Your Own Boss with a Test and Tag Franchise!

  • Work/Life balance
  • Be your own Boss!
  • High profit margins, low overheads
  • Low risk!
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Why Join The Local Guys Services?

Good Form of Income

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Work/Life Balance

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Work For Yourself

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High Profit Margins, Low Overheads

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Repeat Work

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Reputable Brand

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Industry Training

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Consistent, Ongoing Support


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Are You Ready To Start Your Test and Tag Business?

With over 10 years in the test and tag industry, our team was so overwhelmed by the increasing demand for The Local Guys – Test & Tag services that we decided to enlist some more help around the country! We knew we had all of the systems, knowledge, and passion to become a successful national brand – we just needed more hands on deck to make it happen. Becoming a test and tag franchise has enabled us to service more areas, more efficiently, while upholding our focus on unrivaled customer service. We also love that we can now help new Franchise Partners build their own businesses, be their own boss, and live the life they have always dreamed of.

Why You Should Join The Local Guys

Good form of income
Work/life balance
Work for yourself
High profit margin, low overheads
Repeat work
Reputable brand
Industry training
Consistant, ongoing support

Is This Right For You?

Are you self motivated?
Are you willing to learn new things?
Do you have a high level of customer service?
Are you a people person?
Are you willing to go above and beyond?
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Thrive With Ongoing Support

Supporting our Franchise Partners is an integral part of our company DNA.

With The Local Guys Test & Tag, you’re always backed by a reputable company and national brand. An industry expert is always only a phone call away!

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All franchise partners get access to our online training library as well as ongoing support from our team.

Infield & in the office training
Ongoing Quality Reviews
National call centre support
Online training & support software
CRM software makes invoicing easy
Support scheduling & invoicing
Ongoing mentorship
Franchisee meetings every 6 weeks
Backing of a national brand
Support from other franchise partners

Discover Why We Started Franchising

Hear From Our Franchise Partners

Hear From Our Franchise Partners

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The Local Guys Business Show discusses all things business. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to get into business or already has a business. We discuss Marketing, Sales, Operations, Staffing, Franchising and “going it alone”. If it has to do with business, we want to talk about it here!

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Why choose a Test & Tag Business for sale?

Are you looking for a change? Dreaming of owning your business but unsure where to start? Consider our low cost electrical test & tag franchise opportunity. Did you know 80% of independent businesses fail in 3 years, while 80% of franchises succeed, full stop! Discover the world of professional franchises with an exciting franchise opportunity in electrical testing. Ensure safety standards and prevent hazards by inspecting electrical appliances. 

The Local Guys Test and Tag NZ Franchise 3

Is There Lots of Work?

Concerned about securing enough work for your franchise venture? Rest assured, an electrical test & tagging franchise offers a steady stream of business. The industry's government regulation ensures repeat work, as businesses must comply with electrical safety regulations. Testing frequencies vary, spanning from three months to five years, fostering ongoing client relationships. Once onboarded, clients rely on your services regularly to maintain compliance. With a well-established client base and exclusive territories, franchisees enjoy a stable business model. Use your sales skills to expand your reach, serving both local and national clients in the world of electrical safety and appliance testing. At The Local Guys, we have a saying, “If you can secure 12 months worth of work, you will have 10 years worth of work.” So, look after your clients and they will look after you!

Why A Service Franchise?

As opposed to other service-based industries that focus mostly on the consumer, the Electrical Test and Tagging sector predominantly caters to businesses (B2B), therefore yielding higher-ticket transactions. With low overheads primarily confined to tag costs, this field boasts lucrative profit margins.

One of the standout benefits of a test and tag franchise is the flexibility that the industry offers. Test and tagging is a fairly relaxed industry. Unlike other service-based industries, such as a plumber, the clients can be demanding due to the nature of the work. If something breaks down, they need a fix urgently!

Enjoy peace of mind as an Electrical Technician, ensuring compliance and mitigating electrical hazards. Joining our franchise offers the opportunity to tap into a well-established clientele base, bypassing the challenges of starting a business from scratch.

The Local Guys Test and Tag NZ Franchise 1
The Local Guys Test and Tag NZ Franchise

Is There Work/Life Balance?

Operating primarily within business hours, a Test and Tag franchise business ensures a healthy work-life balance, empowering franchisees to set their own schedules. As you are your own boss, you can prioritise family commitments or leisure activities without compromise.

Did you know, the Test and Tag industry boasts the highest retention rate among service sectors? Once individuals transition to business ownership, they tend to stay for the long haul. With its essential peace-of-mind offerings and rewarding business model, a Test and Tag franchise presents an enticing opportunity for ambitious individuals. Join our family business for a fulfilling and successful venture into the franchising industry, offering substantial income potential and essential peace of mind.

Amazing $1,100 per week Guarantee!

Begin your franchise journey with confidence, backed by a lucrative income guarantee of $1,100 per week for your first year in your very own electrical appliance testing business. Unlike other franchises, we prioritise your success from day one, offering comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your transition to business owner is seamless. Our commitment extends beyond financial support; we provide essential protection, guidance on electrical safety requirements and regulations, and tailored finance packages. Embark on a path to a successful business, where your growth is our priority.
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Test and Tag Franchise for Sale NZ
Got questions? We have answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our services, our FAQs can help you make the most of your experience. If we didn't answer your question, contact us today!

At The Local Guys, we offer a $1,100 per week turnover, income guarantee to provide our new Franchise Partners some peace of mind during their first year of business! We understand that when you are getting started in your new business, you may have concerns about not making enough money. To combat this, when you are not working, we will pay you to promote your business… so, no need to worry!

We put a lot of focus in providing the best quality training possible to our new Franchise Partners to ensure they are feeling confident when they begin their new business venture! We will work with you to ensure you are equip with the skills needed to be successful. Training runs for two-weeks and includes:

  • Relevant licencing including your test and tag licence, and assistance with insurances and clearances
  • In-field training with an expert in the industry for you to experience real-life scenarios
  • In-office training:
    • Office operations, software and programs
    • General administration
    • Marketing and sales
    • Accounting

Definitely! You will receive a Marketing Territory and within this territory you will work to grow your business. We train our Franchise Partners on how to do effective LAM (Local Area Marketing) equip them with the appropriate skills to successfully grow and develop their business. So, any efforts you put into growing your territory, you will benefit from.

The Support Centre also obtains new leads from our marketing, Google Ad Words, website and SEO, which we will pass on to you.

Our royalties are calculated as a flat rate. This means that no matter how much you are earning, you will only pay the flat rate in royalties. We want to see each of our Franchise Partners successfully grow their business as large as possible and we believe charging a percentage of the earnings would discourage this.

We allow approximately 6 weeks to get you started! This allows us to get to know one another, complete the training and get everything set up, ready to hit the floor running from day one of business!

We offer franchises for the price of $44,900 ex. GST. This includes:

  • All equipment you will need to get started
  • Sign writing on your vehicle
  • Training (running for 1 week, this includes office training & in the field training)
  • Test & Tag license
  • Start-up marketing material (business cards, flyers)
  • Uniforms
  • Laptop computer
  • Tools & testing equipment
  • Fire testing equipment
  • Support from our team to ensure you are successful

Our head office (or Support Centre, as we call ourselves) provide many forms of support including:

  • Sales & marketing support
  • National Call Centre
  • Administration support for Franchise Partners
  • Dedicated CRM (customer relationship manager)
  • Online training platform
  • National supplier pricing
  • Fleet vehicle discounts
  • 6-weekly franchise meetings
  • The Local Guys community (Facebook group, online forum, company social events)
  • Local Franchise Partner mentor

No, not at all! We will teach you everything you need to know. We will send you to get your Test & Tag Licence (1-day course). Once you have your licence, we will spend time with you in the classroom doing further training. Then we will work with you during the 2 training weeks performing infield training with an expert.

The support does not stop after that… Our Support Centre is always only a phone call away to assist you in any way that we can. We also have a range of programs available to support you from day one.

Being a Test & Tag Franchise Partner is great! Seriously, what other franchise could off you:

  • Work your own hours
  • Clients are relaxed and flexible when you perform your work! Unlike many service-based businesses (ie. a plumber) where the work requires immediate action, the test & tag industry is fairly flexible. As long as you complete the testing before their tags are due, clients are typically happy to be work around your available hours.
  • Great profit margins! Typically service based businesses have very good margins. However, Test & Tag is a standout from other service-based businesses. This is because the major expense is tags, which is very low compared to the profit you can make.
  • Repeat work! Typically, if you can get 12 months’ worth of work, you should have 10 years’ worth of work. So, look after your customers & they will look after you too!

When you join a franchise with The Local Guys, the opportunities are endless! As this will be your own business, you have the opportunity to build the business of your dreams. We cannot give you an exact figure on how much you will earn as this is dependent on how much you time, energy & effort you invest into your own business. However, we will provide sales leads and LAM (local area marketing) training to equip you with the necessary skills to be successful. Unlike an independent business, a franchise offers you the reputation and support of a national brand with proven systems and processes in place that have been trialed over many years.

To join The Local Guys – Test & Tag, the requirements are:

  • Current police clearance
  • Working with children check (WWCC)
  • White card
  • Positive and driven mindset
  • Customer service skills (preferred)

All checks and certifications can be acquired during the onboarding process. Your test and tag licence is included in the franchise, so you are not required to gain this prior to joining.

This is your business, so you are your own boss! This means you can work the hours that suit your lifestyle! Generally, most of our franchise partners work 10am-4pm Monday to Friday due to the nature of the industry. However, if you want to take a Friday off to play golf with your mates or finish by 3pm so you can pick the kids up from school, you can!

Speak to a Real Person Immediately 

  • Instant, personalised assistance from a friendly voice.
  • Tailored recommendations based on your budget and requirements.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of customising the scheduling of your electrical safety service.
The Local Guys Support Centre Team
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